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photo by Deb Seal

photo by Debra Seal

Language is my primary passion. I love writing. I love reading. I love analyzing text. And yes, I also love editing.


Growing up in an academic family, my parents encouraged me to read widely and prolifically. I was thus inspired to earn a Bachelor's degree in German literature and language and a Master's in English literature (with an emphasis on composition pedagogy). While in graduate school, I enjoyed discussing my fellow students' academic work, and I often read over their papers. A professor, recognizing my talent, passed along my name to a friend who needed his dissertation edited. I took on the job and have been hooked ever since. 

And my skills and interests range far beyond academics. I am sharply attuned to the intended audience and purpose for a piece of writing—a necessary prerequisite for producing polished and persuasive copy for a variety of contexts. I am skilled at developing the style and tone that best convey a message or match a brand. 

Furthermore, in my twenty-year career as a college and middle school English teacher, I have provided feedback on countless papers. I love engaging with people about their work, and I enjoy every aspect of the editing and writing processes, from developing initial ideas to the final proofread. 

I very much look forward to helping you refine your project.

~Tanya "T" Turneaure

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