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Artist Statements
& Bios

As a freelance editor and visual artist, I help artists draft their artist statements and bios. I understand that an engaging yet succinct artist statement/bio is essential for an artist seeking a wider audience, and I will help you produce a well-crafted package whose tone reflects the style of your art and the feeling conveyed in your work.

Here is the range of services that I provide for artists:


A final reading to perfect grammar, punctuation, capitalization and spelling so that your artist statement and/or bio is error-free

Copy Editing

Line-by-line editing of your artist statement/bio to ensure that grammar is correct and the writing is polished and professional

Deveolpmental Editing

End-to-end support as your develop, craft, and refine your artist statement and/or bio


I also write artist statements and bios on behalf of artists.


"As a photographer, I can say many things visually, but articulating my thoughts is a completely different ball game! Fortunately, I had the opportunity to work with Tanya on my website. She is not only an incredible writer and creative, but has an amazing ability to understand my vision and to make sense of my verbal chaos and translate into cohesive sentences. I look forward to working with Tanya on my next project!!!"

~Deb Seal

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